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Fellow Trader,

Is 2023 the year you take your trading to the next level?

Maybe you are looking for a new way to make money fast.

Or maybe you are searching for a way to exponentially increase your income in very little time.

If you are looking to trade for massive, consistent profits, the time is NOW!

Due to the economic crisis, businesses around the world are closing their doors and people are being laid off by the tens of millions.

Once viable companies and income streams will be gone for good, and so too will go their employees and any job opportunity available.

This creates opportunity for you...

  • Away to work from home or anywhere
  • At your preferred time
  • With no overhead except a computer and internet connection
  • You could join a few select traders and boost your income in just hours

It’s time we as traders step up to not only profit during these times, but also learn to ethically make more money through trading.

Traders are setting themselves to come out of the crisis better than they went in and we want to help YOU do the same.

That is why we’ve put together my 3-Day Trading Challenge.

What exactly is the 3-Day Trading Challenge?

During this 3-day challenge, we will be focusing on how to consistently and ethically profit in a crisis.

Because as you will learn, many of the world’s most successful financiers, guys with names like Buffett, Jones, Soros, Burry, and Livermore...

All made millions, and in more than one case, billions of dollars during huge financial crises.

Now, it’s your turn.

And after 3 days you will leave with a list of laser focused trading strategies designed to put money in your account.

We will walk you through every step of the way on LIVE coaching calls...

  1. We will focus on where to even start...
  2. How to find profitable trades, fast (and confirm their profit-making potential in a couple of simple steps)...
  3. How to limit your losses as a trader so you keep more of your money...
  4. And how to manage your money – your risk and your profits – so that you come out on top.

And it’s all done through a step-by-step road map tailored just for you.

In fact, I think you’ll be pretty surprised at just how much valuable content – real-life tools and experience – you will be able to use immediately…

Because we’ve structured the challenge so that you could start seeing results on day one.

I made 2 winning trades yesterday! Excited to keep learning from you next few days. I have paid thousands of dollars for systems and methods, but it was so frustrating...lost a lot too… Thank you so much for your generosity and giving us such a life changing gift. :)

- Veronica

You are indeed a real gem… I made a total profit of $75 in two … Have traded on and off in the past, I can see the need to be back and more disciplined. Thank you once more.

- Joshua

Your risk management tips have made me realized that I was way over my head. Thanks to you over the past 3 days I have opened a real account. The feeling and sensation seeing profits is overwhelming. I love the support and resistance video from day 2. On day 3 I used your new "astral Finder" , I set my SL & TP and as it turned out I was in profit of 145 pips...

- Charles

A quick trade I entered while hunting for set-ups this evening. It developed fast and was able to get in just after 8 AM GMT for the initial London opening move. A fast 11 pips at .50 lot size.

- Howard

Adrian, Further to your webinar competition, please find attached my Before and After US30 trade made today with Profit Wave as directed.

- Tosin

Good evening you wonder team, Let me start off by saying thank you Adrian. I am a fellow south african in the garden route. I am very new to trading and your past 3 days have motivated me so far to open an account. Please see below screen shot of profits using the 2nd strategy . Thank you for the bottom of my heart. Over the next few years I will hopefully be able to secure a future for my child. God bless you Kind

- Charles

So, if you are ready to get focused, take action, and win - we want you to join us in our 3-Day Trading Challenge.

We are so excited to share this process with you… Because we know the power and potential it has for you as well as the impact it can make to others around you.

Imagine what’s possible when we take you through our 30 plus collective years of experience in just 3 days and leave you ready to create consistent, steady income from trading.

What would it mean to you to not only see this process…

But take powerful daily action over these 3 days with support from myself and hundreds of other traders from all around the world?

Click the button below and join the 3-day Forex experience.

To your success,

- Adrian & Toshko

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Who Is Toshko Raychev?

3 day forex challenge

You may already know him because he is an absolute legend in trading…

He is a 3-time world trading champion who blew thousands of competing traders right out of the water and shocked the trading world to its core…

He won with gains the trading world had never seen before… The first time he was crowned the World Forex Trading Champion, he did it with a 651.5% profit in a single week of trading... At the time he did that most traders thought the ability to make 100% in a month was pure magic.

Before he learned to trade like a master he was a broke security guard living in Bulgaria.

Yet Toshko was no loser… He was a Karate champion and knew a lot about perseverance and dedication. And he approached trading the same way… Where winning was his only option.

Today over 80,000 people follow his trading on social media and He has personally worked with over 5,000 people worldwide to help them learn to trade using his unique method of making triple digit gains by way of safe and responsible trading.

See What Others Have To Say...

That’s just a few of the hundreds of positive comments traders have made about the instant results they get when they start trading like Toshko:

Who Is Adrian Jones?

Adrian is a “recovering attorney,” Forex trader, and trading educator. He is one of the “founding fathers” of the trading challenge, curating the SureFire Trading Challenge for Traders Secret Library among others, and helping the SureFire Champions to create systems for home traders that have grossed millions for people around the world.

Adrian and his traders have been featured in everything from Yahoo Finance to Forbes.

3 day forex challenge

See What Others Have To Say...

3 day forex challenge As a fellow martial artist I appreciate that to be effective one does not need a complex system. The mark of a truly effective system is its ability for the student to perform as competent as his teacher. Toshko, your system achieves these two very important attributes splendidly. I was able to implement its principles in under one(1) hour and was successful in my first two trades making $33 and $61 with pure confidence that I could repeat the effort for future trades. Thank you for arming me with this system and helping me to become a more confident

- Gabriel Blake

3 day forex challenge Each of the disciplines discussed are all good on ‘ some’ ocassions…but could never come close to this. The combining of all of the indicators in such a simple & transparent presentation is one of the most exciting revelatios I have seen in 10 yrs of trading…This is a WOW moment for me & I am extremely grateful for having received this ‘gift’!!!!

- Jim Green

3 day forex challenge Thanks! Great read! … and the results from your testing is the evidence of the success of the system. I have reviewed a couple of live setups from this morning that were also successful on my own account. From your guide examples, it appears that you were using 1 Hour setups. Is this generally what you recommend for use of this system? Also, do you have a setup that will provide an alert when entry criteria is achieved? Thanks again.

- Zachary

VALUE: $997


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